When Rubin Swift was granted custody of his newborn baby, he traveled over 2,000 miles to get her. But he was almost forced apart from her, due to the small-mindedness of an airline..

Rubin and his wife had been waiting to adopt a child for so many years. They had had to undergo all kinds of background checks and tests.

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They spent vast sums of money. But eventually, they were approved for the thing they wanted more than anything else, to become parents.

They knew that they would be getting a son or daughter, but the waiting continued.

Then one day, the agency called up and said that there was a baby girl waiting for them.

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The baby was down in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Swifts were in Cleveland, Ohio. But the distance didn’t matter to them.

Rubin booked a plane, excited to see his daughter. He was determined to not let anything stop his family from all being together in Cleveland. He even called up the airline to ensure that a newborn baby could travel on the flight.

“I explained to the airline, I was going to fly back with her. They told me the policy was to make sure that I had some kind of documentation from the hospital saying she was clear to fly. I got all that.” – Rubin Swift.

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Now that he was sure that everything would run smoothly, Rubin boarded the plane and flew down to Phoenix.

Rubin got to the hospital and found his daughter in the arms of a nurse named joy.

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Joy had been looking after Rubin’s daughter for all four days of her life. Even though she works with newborns every day, Joy had become especially attached to this baby.

Joy was delighted to meet the man who would become the baby’s father. She said that he was doing a wonderful thing in adopting her. Rubin and Joy made a strong bond.

Rubin would have loved to talk with Joy for hours, but he had to bring his daughter to meet her mother.

And so Rubin thanked Joy for taking care of his daughter and left.

But at the airport, Rubin ran into a problem.

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The airline said that his daughter couldn’t board after all.

The flight attendants were saying that the airline policy was for babies to be at least seven days old before flying.

Rubin explained that he had called the airline up and that they had previously confirmed that his daughter could fly back.

But the flight attendants weren’t checking it up. They just said that they couldn’t take the daughter on board.

Rubin was overcome with emotion. He was stuck in a strange city. He also had a new daughter and no fatherhood experience. How was he going to cope?

And then he remembered Joy, the kind nurse at the hospital.

Rubin called up the hospital and asked if he could get Joy’s cell number. He explained the situation.

Even though it was unorthodox, the hospital staff gave Rubin Joy’s number. Unlike the flight attendants, they sympathized with Rubin’s situation.

When Rubin called Joy, he explained his situation again, barely holding back tears. Joy quickly reassured Rubin that she would do everything to help him.

She said that she was walking to her car right now and picking them up as soon as she could.

About 10 minutes later, Joy was at the airport. Rubin and his daughter would have a place to stay.

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Over the next three days, Joy loved having company.

She was overjoyed at having the little baby around. And Rubin was the perfect houseguest.

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In fact, when the baby turned seven days old, Joy was sad to see them go.

Rubin said that Joy should come visit him, his wife and his daughter in Ohio. He was so thankful.

Rubin and Joy have stayed in contact since.

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Source: Inside Edition