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Most doctors are good, honest people. They do whatever they can to look after their patients. But not this one.

It all began when Samuel Bardwell was admitted to the hospital. He was a young college athlete who had extreme anxiety and PTSD.

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In fact, he had been on medication to treat his condition. The pills were working wonders for him. But then something bad happened.

He lost his medication. He tried getting to the pharmacy as soon as possible, but it had shut before he could get the drugs that he needed.

Anyone who has had to come off anxiety medication will tell you that it is a terribly difficult experience.

Even slowly going off the pills is hard. But Bardwell was now forced to go cold turkey until he could get some more.

He hoped that it wouldn’t be too bad. He was wrong.

After two days without the pills, Bardwell showed up to his basketball practice. It was just too much for him. Within minutes of the practice, he started suffering from a panic attack.

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Soon, he couldn’t stand up off the ground. An ambulance came for him and rushed him to the hospital.

Terribly worried, Bardwell’s father came to see his son. He had faith in the hospital. But what he found when he arrived at his son’s bedside shocked him.

Instead of getting compassionate care, his son was being mocked.

Dr. Beth Keegstra, one of the hospital’s physicians was standing over the son, laughing at him.

Source: Donald Bardwell/Facebook

The father asked the doctor why she was laughing.

He thought that it must all be a misunderstanding, and she was laughing because of something unrelated to his son.

He also started recording the scene.

The doctor explained that she thought that Bardwell was “full of shit.” She kept on saying how his condition wasn’t critical.

The truth was that Bardwell kept on going in and out of consciousness.

But Dr. Keegstra wouldn’t listen. She was trying to get the patient to leave, suggesting that he was wasting the hospital’s time.

Source: Donald Bardwell/Facebook

Then she looked down to Bardwell and said “I’m sorry sir, but you are the least sick of all the people here, who are dying.”

Then she grabbed his arm and tried to drag him out of his bed, screaming “Sit up! Sit up!”

Source: Donald Bardwell/Facebook

Bardwell then calmly tried to explain that he was having trouble inhaling. But this just made Dr. Keegstra laugh even more. “He must be dead! Are you dead, sir?” She then asked.

And the video keeps on going on, with Dr. Keegstra accusing Bardwell of trying to con the hospital out of drugs.

Source: Donald Bardwell/Facebook

Luckily, one of the nurses at the hospital was receptive to Bardwell’s needs. She could tell that the young man was not trying to con the hospital out of drugs. He just needed some of his anxiety prescriptions.

Eventually, Bardwell was feeling better and was able to go home.

Bardwell’s father uploaded the recording to Facebook, where it has since been viewed over 7 million times.

People were shocked at how heartless Dr. Keegstra was acting. In fact, the hospital where she worked became involved. They removed Keegstra from the schedule and fully investigated the incident.

In the end, Dr. Keegstra lost her job at that hospital.

Who knows why Dr. Keegstra was reacting so strongly? Of course, like the rest of us, doctors are humans, and hospitals can be stressful places to work. Perhaps if the doctor had later apologized for her behavior and explained how much pressure she was under, the incident would have been excusable.

But she never apologized, suggesting that she has no remorse for her actions.

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