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Some people have too much free time. They need to occupy themselves somehow. So this guy decided to do something crazy when he was bored one day.

We all have thoughts that pop into our heads, like, “What would happen if I jumped 10,000 feet onto a giant marshmallow?”

While that question is too dangerous to answer, the question of what happens when you drop a gigantic bath bomb into a pool has been definitively answered.

When people from overseas ask what it is that makes Americans unique, all you need to do is show them this video.

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Most people around the world wouldn’t consider the pioneer of this gigantic bath bomb a hero, but in America, millions of people are applauding him for his hard work. After all, it takes a very unique kind of person to do this!

People around the world love a good bath bomb.

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Thanks to Lush and other brands, these little balls of joy make bathing more relaxing while nourishing our skin. And if that weren’t good enough, they smell great too!

Basically, you can’t browse Instagram for more than a few minutes without someone showing off their new bath bomb.

These Instagrammers are obviously being competitive, trying to show that their bath bomb is better than yours. But these people can stop showing off now. Someone has made the bath bomb to end all bath bombs!

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It all started when a company launched a PR stunt to get into The Guinness Book of World Records.

Some people are Guinness World Record holders because they achieved something like being the fastest person who ever lived or saved the most lives. But the people at Mama Pearson’s Soaporium had a very different kind of achievement.

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They made the world’s largest bath bomb.

The managers at the Soaporium were in luck. Amazingly, no one had ever tried to create a giant bath bomb before. This meant that getting into Guinness World Records should have been easy. But in the interests of competition, the world record assignees stated that to receive the official certificate, Mama Pearson’s Soaporium would have to make a bath bomb that weighed at least 45 pounds.

Like anyone with true ambition, the managers of Mama Pearson’s Soaporium took that 45-pound threshold and decided to go much, much bigger.

Source: Mamapearsonssoaporium

After all, supersizing is the American way!

In fact, their record-breaking bath bomb weighed more than four times the minimum limit to qualify for a Guinness World Record. Their final bath bomb weighed a whopping 198.64 pounds.

But if the people at Mama Pearson’s thought that this bath bomb would hold the record for years to come, they were wrong.

It only took one week for this record to be well and truly shattered. One YouTube user managed to create a 2,000-pound bath bomb! For perspective, that meant that the bath bomb weighed more than an average-sized cow, which only weighs a pathetic 1,500 pounds.

Source: Vat19/YouTube

But how on Earth did this YouTuber make something so immense?

It wasn’t easy. The YouTuber and his friends made a gigantic mold out of epoxy and fiberglass.

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Then they combined dozens of bags of corn starch, citric acid, baking soda and black dye into the mold.

Eventually, the world’s largest bath bomb solidified. And all that was left to do was drop it into a swimming pool!

Source: Vat19/YouTube

Being YouTubers, the people that had made the bath bomb filmed the whole thing. What happens in the video is amazing! In fact, the video of the bath bomb falling into the pool has been viewed on YouTube more than 24 million times!

See the video for yourself below:

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Source: Vat19