It’s mind-boggling to think that someone would take anything from the site of a grave. But that’s precisely what happened to Oklahoma couple Jacob and Tashanna Armstrong when items began to go missing from their stillborn son’s burial site.

Source: Screencap/Inside Edition via YouTubeThe grieving parents lost their son, McKade, at birth and visit his grave often to leave little mementos in order to help deal with their loss.The trinkets aren’t valuable objects, but they hold a lot of meaning for the Armstrongs. So the couple was understandably upset when the tokens of love started to go missing, among them a pinwheel.

“This pinwheel doesn’t mean a whole lot to the next person, but it does mean a lot to the person who placed it there,” Mrs. Armstrong told Inside Edition.

Source: Screencap/Inside Edition via YouTube

Upset and fed up with the robberies, the couple decided to install a camera in the bushes near McKade’s grave to see if they could identify the thief.

Source: Screencap/Inside Edition via YouTubeAnd it didn’t take long for the couple to get footage of two suspicious figures lurking around the site.

Source: Screencap/Inside Edition via YouTube

Unfortunately, the position of the camera didn’t allow the parents to get a good enough look at the potential robber’s faces, so Mr. Armstrong repositioned the device in order to get a good ID to take to the police.

And this time it worked.

It didn’t take long for the thief to return to steal again and the Armstrong’s had a good photo of the man stealing a pinwheel off of their son’s grave.While many police departments might not take such a crime seriously, this local police department’s Deputy Chief, James Logsdon, was more than understanding. His sister was stillborn and is actually buried in the same cemetery, not far from McKade.

Logsdon told Inside Edition:

“It would be hard to find a more defenseless victim than someone buried out here.”

The suspect’s photo and alleged crimes were published in the local paper in the hopes that someone could help make an ID (and would be motivated to do so by the nature of the crime). And, in fact, someone did recognize 77-year-old Alfred Boyer, who was then arrested and charged with petty larceny.

But that wasn’t enough for the Armstrongs who wanted to confront the man who caused them so much pain. That’s when they contacted Inside Edition to track him down – they wanted to explain to the man why the theft was so hurtful to them.

In the end, Boyer did offer an apology to Mr. Armstrong as he accompanied Inside Edition reporters to the man’s home. Through tears, he simply said he liked pinwheels and that he didn’t consider himself a bad person.

While he couldn’t really explain why he stole from the grave, he did say he was sorry.

Despite his contrition, comments on Boyer’s actions are uniformly unforgiving.

There’s no word on who accompanied Boyer to the gravesite as he took the item, but there are no reports of that person being charged with a crime.

Scroll down below to watch Inside Editions report on the theft as well as similar crimes around the country.

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Source: Inside Edition via YouTube