Fans will do anything to get the attention of their idols and performers can’t possibly read every message an audience member is holding up. But at a recent Pink concert, fans made sure the pop superstar read a young girl’s sign.

At a stop in Brisbane, Australia on her 2018 Beautiful Trauma tour, the singer made headlines when she stopped her concert for the young fan.

But 14-year-old Leah Murphy wasn’t even supposed to be at the concert. In fact, her mother Debbie was a huge fan and was supposed to attend the Sydney concert with a friend. But Debbie passed away, and relative Katrina Donkin planned to take Murphy instead.

But that concert was postponed due to illness.

Instead, the two got tickets to the Brisbane show to celebrate Murphy’s mom and the singer whose music she loved to dance around to.

The two had to travel quite far to get to the concert and Donkin ended up leaving the tickets on her bedside table at home in Cairns, 1000 miles away from the concert venue.

But due to the generosity of some Qantas Airline pilots, the tickets were delivered in time for the concert.

When they finally got to the show, Leah held up a sign hand-made by Donkin that read “My name is Leah – I’m 14 years old. I lost my beautiful Mum last month. I would LOVE a hug … Please!”

Donkin told CBS News that she also “spammed” the singer and anyone she could find associated with the tour on social media to see if she could get the singer to deliver “a message of love to Leah.”

No one responded, so Donkin made some signs and the surrounding audience members helped the two get the singer’s attention.

“Strangers in the crowd grabbed the signs and we waved them frantically whenever she looked over our way,” Donkin said. “Until she squinted and said ‘ok what IS that?’”

When audience members passed the sign up to Pink, she was heartbroken for the young fan.

She immediately came down into the audience to greet Murphy.

Donkin recalled:

“Pink said to her ‘you’re pretty — oh don’t cry — it’s going to be OK.’ Leah told Pink how much her mum loved her.”

The two embraced in a big, long hug that made news around the world.

The teen also got to take some selfies with the singer – who was in the middle of her show – before Pink got back up on stage.

It was a heartwarming moment for the family and everyone around them.

“Everyone, call your mom,” Pink told the crowd when she got back on stage.

And Donkin believes that Debbie had a hand in making it all happen for her daughter.

“I believed she orchestrated the whole thing and sent her little girl a hug from heaven,” she said.

While nothing can ever replace the love of a mother, Murphy will have one great memory from a very sad year.

“She is so heartbroken,” Donkin said. “But since the concert, she hasn’t stopped smiling and singing.”

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