When Miranda and Josh dreamed of starting a family, they hoped to have several children.

But for various reasons, the couple, who both happen to be professional nurses, had difficulties conceiving. Gradually, through IVF procedure, they were blessed with a baby girl, Joslyn.

A year later, Miranda hoped to have more children, so they turned once again to in vitro fertilization. Six weeks later, the couple found out that they were expecting twins.

But four days later came separate set of news which nobody could ever have imagined.

“I was shocked, I just couldn’t believe it at first,” Miranda says.

It turned out that Miranda was pregnant with quadruplets. What is even more shocking is that not only were they quadruplets, they were two sets of identical twins – two boys, and two girls, all born at the same time, with each set sharing an embryo and thus the same DNA.

“Only one percent of pregnancies result in one set of identical twins. Experts won’t even guess how rare it is to have two,” explains the news reporter.


The pregnancy was scary for Miranda, who feared a miscarriage. But everything went relatively well and Miranda gave birth to four beautiful, healthy babies through a cesarean operation.


Mia, Madison, Jackson and James are certainly super sweet!

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