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Siblings should be able to enjoy each other’s company throughout their lives. Sadly, sometimes they are pulled apart due to circumstances beyond their control.

Brothers and sisters have a unique, complex bond. Though many siblings fight, they also look out for one another and go out of their way to help each other.

Obviously, siblings have a right to be in contact.

But Christina Housel had spent her entire life wondering whether she had other family members.

She had been adopted and knew nothing about her biological family. She had no idea if she even had siblings. She was determined to track any blood relatives down, however.

As a teenager and young woman, Christina always had a strong interest in finding her original family. But when she had children of her own, she was spurred on to actually track these family members down.

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After some tireless searching, she identified a relative. Soon, she learned that she was not an only child after all.

In fact, she had a brother called Lyles. They lived over 1,000 miles apart, but Christina was determined to meet him.

So she flew from Washington State all the way down to Arizona.

Right up until the moment the siblings met, Lyles was skeptical. Was this woman really his sister? But when he saw her at the airport, he could just tell that Christina was his sister.

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Not only did they look similar, but there was also just something about her that told him they had a connection.

So over the course of a day, Christina and Lyles got to know each other.

But it all came to a head when Christina brought up the subject of whether Lyles knew their birth mom.

Awkwardly, Lyles admitted that yes, he had been raised by her. But sadly, she had passed on when he was still a child.

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Lyles also mentioned that he knew that their mother had had two other children, twin sisters, in addition to himself and Christina.

However, he had no idea who they were or where they lived.

All that Lyles could say for sure was that the girls were born in Florida around April or May in either 1992, 1993 or 1994.

So both siblings took to Facebook, desperate to reunite the entire family.

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Thousands of people shared the photos. Eventually, one of two twin sisters, Lauren, saw the pictures. She contacted her twin, Ashley Bo, and asked if they could be their siblings.

Both twins could see it. Lyles and Christina bore a strong resemblance to themselves.

In no time at all, the twins had contacted the siblings and booked plane tickets to meet them.

For 30 years, Christina had been an only child. But now she was about to meet her second and third adult siblings in less than a month!

Soon, Lauren and Ashley Bo landed in Arizona. The four siblings, for the first time ever, were meeting. As anyone could imagine, they had a lot of catching up to do!

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What was really shocking was all of the similarities among the siblings. Both Lyles and Christina had been servicepeople, with Lyles joining the army and Christina being in the navy. And on top of that, Ashely’s husband was currently serving in the air force.

In fact, the four had thousands of little connections, even though they’d all lived at opposite ends of the country.

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All four of them were definitely going to stay in contact. They would visit each other’s homes and families. This was really the start of an incredibly long and happy bond between four siblings.

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Source: Inside Edition/AirTV