When teacher Kinsey French got married, she had a surprise for all of her six special ed students.

She invited them all to take part in her wedding.

Kinsey works as a special education teacher for children with Down syndrome at a school in Louisville, Kentucky.

She is very committed to her six students – so much so that she could never imagine her wedding day without them being there.

Kinsey knew that her wedding would be a memory that lasts a lifetime and she wanted to share that big day with her beloved students.

“They were like family to me. They were my first class and they’ve been my only class and so I knew I couldn’t have a special day without them,” she told the site WLKY.


Kinsey’s students, who range in age from 7-11 years old, all got roles as ring bearers and were all dressed up nicely during the ceremony.

And judging by the photographs from the wedding, it looks like they had a good time! All the little girls got to do dress fittings, they also got pearl necklaces, bracelets, and purses as gifts.

“When I told Josh (her husband) that I wanted my students to be a part of the wedding, he was totally supportive and so excited to include them in the special day,” she said.

“We talk a lot about my students, and he said, well, they’re like family to me too.”


Kinsey says that thanks to her students, the day was so successful.

“I wanted to grow up and get married to my Prince Charming, and have all my loved ones there with me,” the 25-year-old told TODAY Parents.

And as for the kids, they seemed to appreciate the food and getting some dancing in at the reception the most!


The couple’s niece and nephew were included in the bridal party as well.

“Obviously, the moment that I’ll always remember is just the doors opening, and getting to see my groom for the first time,” French told TODAY Parents. “I’ll always remember the reception, and just having all of my loved ones in one place. It was an incredible experience.”

What a special couple to share their love and special day with these beautiful children! May God hold all of you in the Palm of His Hand!

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