We’re a society that loves a good hack – especially when it comes to saving time, money, or both!

There’s a simple cleaning solution you can create at home that has the internet talking. Not only is it effective – it’s inexpensive and you likely have the ingredients already in your cupboard.

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Eliza from the blog My Azona created a video to explain directions and show the results of using the “magic” DIY cleaner in her bathtub.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Dawn dish soap (the original blue type)
  • Vinegar
  • A spray bottle that’s empty

No, seriously. That’s it. The combination of the ingredients creates a powerful solution that Eliza uses to tackle a big shower cleaning job. However, it’s not the only chore the combination can be used for. Frankly, it might become your right-hand man for other daily chores (and the not so everyday ones too).

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You probably weren’t surprised to hear that the solution contains vinegar, because let’s face it – is there anything vinegar can’t do?

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On top of vinegar being versatile, it’s also non-toxic and something your grandma probably used around the house during more “simple times.” According to the Maid Sailor’s website, research has shown that vinegar’s been around since before 4,000 BC.

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Here’s how you make the “Dawn & Vinegar Magic Shower Cleaner.”

You’re going to add equal parts of Dawn and vinegar to the bottle. But before you do, Eliza suggests that you heat up the vinegar first (although she’s heard mixed thoughts on whether it’s necessary or not). She heated hers up in the microwave (in a microwave-safe dish) for one minute.

Eliza combined 1.5 cups of heated vinegar with 1.5 cups of Dawn. As an optional addition, you can add 5-10 drops of essential oils. Gently swirl and you’re ready to go!

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Ready to see some results?

While Eliza doesn’t actually clean the shower during her video, she does show a very dirty tub and the areas where she scrubbed with the solution. You can see a night and day difference.

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Tubs can get pretty yucky, and Eliza’s was both dirty and filled with hard water stains. However, the “Dawn & Vinegar Magic Shower Cleaner” helped bring it back to sparkling white!

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After the blogger posted her video online, viewers shared their own experiences with the DIY solution.

One person wrote:

“FYI, this is a great all purpose cleaner. Not only do my wife and I use it on the tub, shower and toilet, we also use it to clean the stove top and counter tops as well as the kitchen sink.”

Another viewer also loved the results when they used the cleaner in their kitchen sink.

“Used it in my kitchen sink “AMAZING” looks like a new sink”

Someone else had an interesting idea:

“tried it works great, also works well on my glass casserole dishes, spray and let sit 5 minutes.”

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There are other chores you can tackle with this simple and inexpensive formula. Jillee from One Good Thing explains that you can create a “thinner” solution by using a different ratio (six parts vinegar/one part Dawn) that’s great for areas that aren’t as easy to rinse as a tub. She gave some great ideas like using the mixture for cleaning a garage door, patio furniture, or garbage can.

Watch the video below to see Eliza’s video for yourself, and to get a closer peek at her results!

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