In an ideal world, all pets would be born into loving families and stay there until they found the right forever homes. Sadly, this doesn’t always pan out.

Many animals have hard starts in their lives. Luckily, there are also many people out there who have big hearts and who adopt these animals.

Sometimes, these pets can be hard to live with at first. They only know the hard experiences they’ve been through. But over time, they learn to trust and love their owners. And when that bond forms, there’s nothing like it.

Here are 10 stories of pets who never thought their lives could get better, but then they did:

1. Bug used to be completely timid. Now he cuddles his owner as much as possible

Source: Ldybug263/Reddit

Once, he would keep a couple of feet from his owner at the best of times. It didn’t take too long for him to become affectionate.

2. The owner found this stray one day

Source: Stateofsonder/Reddit

Years later she’s completely tame and happy. Those difficult first days are a very distant memory.

3. This husky, Lily, never used to have any toys

Source: Deesing82/Reddit

Now she guards them like the treasures they are. Of course, the owners still buy her new ones all the time.

4. This is just one day after living with 13 other cats

Source: Slothglass/Reddit

He never knew that you could be so relaxed. He’ll never have to worry about getting enough food again.

5. She’s 14, blind and had been rejected by two other families

Source: Beaannola/Reddit

She finally found a forever home. They will keep her happy for the rest of her days. Hopefully, she still has a few years left.

6. She stayed in the shelter for over a year


Now she brings her owner her shoes just like a dog. Is it possible to show that you’re grateful in a cuter way?

7. The owner had never had a dog before

Source: 420wasabisnappin/Reddit

But when he met this old dog, he realized that he needed a loving home. He didn’t want the dog to spend his last days in a shelter. With the owner’s love, the dog could live a lot longer.

8. He hid under a chair for a few days after his adoption

Source: Birdsong24/Reddit

He now snuggles up with his owner every single night. And best of all, the owner also adopted his brother, so he always has a friend around.

9. At the shelter, Cooper was scared of everyone

Source: MisterMehMehMeh/Reddit

He’s still scared of strangers. But he trusts his owner completely. Cooper will always be thankful for his amazing new owner.

10. The kitten’s mother abandoned him

Source: Siminsu/Reddit

The rescuer knew she had to adopt him when he fell asleep in her hands. Now the kitten thinks that his owner is his real mother. The owner sure treats him like her baby.

With rescue animals, you need to have patience. But anyone who has felt the love of a rescue pet will tell you that it’s totally worth it. Next time you’re going to adopt a pet, choose a rescue!

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