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The members of this bike gang look intimidating. But they only act out against animal abusers.

Many people stereotype bikers as being lawless, rowdy, anarchic people. But Rescue Ink shows what bikers are really like.

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A brave pit bull escaped from a dogfighting ring in Kentucky. For years, he had been used as a bait dog because of his lack of aggression (meaning that the ring owners let fighting dogs “practice” on him.)

Soon, the poor dog had been taken in by the local Humane Society. They posted pictures of the pit bull.

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These pictures shocked the internet. The dog’s ears were missing. The wounds where the ears had been were badly infected. He had more wounds all over his body.

No one was more shocked than Joe Panz, a lifelong biker. His heart went out to the poor dog.

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He felt so much anger at the people who had forced the other dogs on the pit bull.

So Panz and friend, G., caught the next plane to Kentucky with two goals in mind: 1. Take in the poor dog. 2. Track down the dogfighting ring.

Panz and G. had a unique advantage when it came to locating the dogfighting ring: No one involved with dogfighting would suspect that those two were looking for revenge (No, they didn’t wear those shirts when they were searching.)

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Pretty soon, the bikers had learned about where the dogfighting ring met up.

They turned this information over to the authorities. The ring was soon shut down, thanks to Panz and G.

The bikers then took the dog home with them. They named him Rebel and showered him with affection.

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Panz realized that his and his friends’ “biker gang” image could really be helpful when it came to rescuing and aiding animals. They could get information that others could not. They could also use their intimidating image to ensure that people treated their animals right.

“When we pull up, they don’t know what we’re going to do. They don’t know what we’re capable of doing. So it helps out big time.” -Anthony Rossano (Big Ant.)

Source: P.A.A.C.-People Assisting Animal Control

So Panz created Rescue Ink. Rebel became the organization’s mascot. He and its animal-loving, tough-looking members traveled the length and breadth of America, busting dogfighting rings, rescuing abused dogs and educating others on how to raise dogs well. Later on, the group expanded into helping cats, horses and all other kinds of animals.

Many of the rescue animals ended up living with the bikers. Eventually, they set up their own shelter, ensuring that the animals were safe until they found forever homes.

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By 2014, they had rescued thousands of animals from abuse and neglect.

But there were difficulties along the way.

For instance, in 2012, Hurricane Sandy destroyed their shelter, Luckily, they had evacuated the animals before the hurricane hit.

Sadly, a couple of years later, Rescue Ink had to shut down.

However, some of the individual members are still active in animal rescue activities.

Hopefully, they will inspire many people to give dogs and other animals the best possible lives.

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