In the 21st century, families can look like anything. Sadly, some people still have a hard time accepting a happy, healthy family just because the members have some superficial physical differences.

Love and happiness are two of the most important things in the world. If you experience both, then life is so much better. But some people are determined to question and doubt other people’s love and happiness.

One person who knows firsthand of this is Treka Engleman. She came from an atypical family, and now she has started an atypical family. And despite what others say and do, she is and will be happy with her loved ones.

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Engleman is the youngest among 11 siblings. She also has 20 nieces and nephews. So her biological family is large and loving.

But sadly, her childhood was tragic. When she was just six, her mother passed away. Yet the rest of her family was there for her.

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Thanks to spending time around so many nieces and nephews growing up, Engleman became interested in pursuing a career in childcare.

She also looked into becoming a foster mother as soon as she could. Even though she had no partner or children of her own, she wanted to take in children, as she knew firsthand how hard life can be with no mother.

So at the age of 21, the first year of eligibility, she applied to become a foster mother.

She had to take classes for two months, which ranged from the simple to the heartbreakingly difficult.

When Engleman was about to complete her course, she had to state what kind of kids she wanted to take in. But Engleman didn’t narrow her options whatsoever. She said that she would take in any child who needed her care, no matter their sex or race.

Soon, Engleman was approved to take on up to four different children. The sudden knowledge that she may soon be in charge of four minors was daunting, but she prepared herself for the task.

At first, the agency called Engleman asking for her to take in a five-day-old baby. The baby, a boy named Elijah, arrived and Engleman’s “heart just immediately dropped.”

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For six months, Engleman raised just the baby. Elijah was developing normally, and she could feel herself falling in love with the child.

Next year, she heard about two other children, sisters, who needed a home.

She agreed to take them in straight away. However, due to misbehavior earlier in the day, only one sister arrived, Alexis. The other, Mercedes, went to a group home. But Engleman did all that she could to keep the two children in contact, regularly driving Alexis to Mercedes.

Source: Treka Engleman/Facebook

In time, Engleman started petitioning to take in both of the sisters. Soon, the sister was having overnight visits, just to see if it would work. Eventually, Mercedes could live with her sister again.

This is an incredibly loving home, and the family of four has grown incredibly close.

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Engleman and the kids often get stared at in public, and people always Engleman if she if babysitting them. But Engleman informs them that no, they are her children.

In fact, it became obvious to all of them that they wanted to officially become family.

Pretty soon, Engleman started the adoption process. In November 2019, the kids legally became Engleman’s children.

Source: Nettiesbaby88/Instagram

Engleman clearly has a big heart and her children are so lucky to have found her.

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