Bus driver doesn’t think photo of her grasping boy that big of a deal until police get ahold of it


The first day of school can be nervewracking for kids, especially those embarking upon a journey to preschool or kindergarten. Some kids cannot wait to return to the normalcy that school brings to their lives, while others would rather hang out at home all day watching Netflix or playing video games. Wisconsin kiddo Axel was … Read more

Homeless teen ages out of foster care then finds birth sister & has his life changed by her new family


Being an orphaned or surrendered child, or a child that needs to live without their biological parents anyway, is hard enough. Experiencing failed adoption attempts can only make things worse. Most of the children who are growing up within the US foster system have only one dream: to find a real family to call their … Read more

Mom shuts people down with message after she’s shamed for ‘small’ engagement ring


There is a seemingly endless supply of options for wedding rings. Everyone can pick the one that perfectly fits their life, aesthetic preferences, and love story. But that doesn’t stop other people from judging or misinterpreting our choices. One woman, Rachel Pederson, took to social media after years of people making unwelcome comments about the … Read more

Dad and little girl practice for Daddy & Daughter dance and internet can’t get enough


TikTok has given people all over the world a reason to share parts of their life with, well… everyone. It’s a platform where users can share their skills, hobbies, family moments, travel, and talents. Cole LaBrant, also known on TikTok as thesupercole, is an actor and social media star who first became popular on Vine and then … Read more