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We need to eat food to survive. But sometimes, the food we eat can contain something deadly. The boy in this incident is lucky to have recovered.

Most families across the world are enjoying barbecues this summer. But there’s something that everyone should be aware of when preparing their grills.

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The Fiore family found out the hard way that one small mistake during a barbecue could have terrible consequences.

The family decided to cook up some burgers on the grill.

The six-year-old son, Anthony, enthusiastically took a bite out of his burger and felt terrible as soon as he swallowed.

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He felt a pain that was “like a needle” in his throat.

The pain just kept on getting worse and worse. Soon he started crying and panicking. Anthony’s parents had no choice but to rush their son to the emergency room.

When Anthony got to the hospital, blood was pouring out of his mouth.

Immediately, the doctors looked inside his mouth. They discovered something shocking.

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Lodged in Anthony’s throat was a metal wire bristle. It was buried into the flesh deeply, causing the bleeding.

Immediately, the family realized where the bristle must have come from. Before they had heated up the barbecue, they had cleaned it with a barbecue cleaning brush. The brush’s bristles were made up from little strings of wire.

This was a very serious issue. No one at the hospital had encountered Anthony’s ailment before. So the boy had to go to another hospital entirely.

Luckily, 12 hours after the nightmare began, a surgeon was able to successfully remove the needle from the child’s throat. But the issues didn’t end there.

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There was still a strong chance that Anthony’s throat could become infected. He would need to be monitored closely. Even after the procedure, the boy was at risk.

Anthony did recover, however. But not everyone is so lucky.

And, though it felt terrible for Anthony at the time, having the bristle in the throat is one of the best places for it to get stuck. Sometimes, the bristles don’t get caught in the throat but make their way to the stomach or intestine, where it is much harder to remove.

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Sadly, cases of barbecue bristles becoming lodged in people’s bodies are becoming increasingly common.

In fact, from 2002 to 2014, approximately 1,700 Americans had to go to the emergency room due to wire bristles being lodged in their bodies.

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The easiest way to avoid this potentially fatal situation is to just avoid using a barbecue brush with metal bristles.

However, if you may be worried about having consumed metal bristles already, then there are ways to check. If you have a barbecue brush with matted bristles, then that’s an indicator that some bristles could have fallen off. Barbecue brushes with wooden or plastic backings are also more prone to having the bristles fall off. If you think you may have accidentally swallowed a bristle, got to the ER immediately!

This knowledge should be enough to put anyone off of using a wire bristle barbecue brush ever again.

A good alternative to using one of these is to heat the barbecue for a small while, close the lid and then scrape the mess off with a piece of aluminum foil. You can also clean with a nylon sponge.

How can it be legal for wire barbecue brushes to be sold?

They are clearly incredibly harmful, and the danger is not immediately apparent. And yet they remain on sale in the USA.

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Source: CTV News Atlantic