The journey to significant weight loss is incredibly difficult, but this formerly-bullied sixteen-year-old girl’s 2-year transformation will make you do a double take.

And it’s inspiring to see someone so young take their health into their hands and decide to live a healthier life.

Josephine Desgrand is from Queensland, Australia, and was mocked for years because of her weight.

Source: Josephine Desgrand via Instagram

There’s no excuse for that. Bullying and body shaming are at the heart of so many mental health issues in young people around the world.

At her heaviest, Josephine weighed 278 pounds, and her obesity was setting her up for some serious health issues farther down the line.

Seeing that number on the scale made her realized that a diet wouldn’t cut it – she needed a whole new lifestyle.

Source: Josephine Desgrand via Instagram

Josie made a deal with herself that before she left high school she would lose the weight and added wanting to fit into a non-plus-sized prom dress as extra motivation.

When she started her journey at the age of 16, her weight had been affecting her mentally and physically – she had even been unable to exercise and doubted her ability to start a fitness program.

Source: Josephine Desgrand via Instagram

She made the decision to go on a strict keto diet (one that should be approved by a doctor, should you be interested) that drastically limits carbohydrates and completely eliminated sugar.

Keto is one of the most difficult diets to follow and certainly not the right choice for everyone. However, it did work for Josie, who lost an amazing 132 pounds in under 12 months!

Source: Josephine Desgrand via Instagram

On her website, Josie said her transformation was all hard work:

“No surgery, no magic pill, just pure determination and changing what I eat.”

Source: Josephine Desgrand via Instagram

She did exercise as well but was gentle with herself at first. While she was too embarrassed to go to the gym until she lost some of the weight, she was able to start a calorie-burning routine at home.

And now that she’s lost the weight, she’s turned her attention to toning and working out with a personal trainer.

Source: Josephine Desgrand via Instagram

Once she lost a significant amount of weight, she did introduce some natural sugars, such as fruits, back into her diet.

She said on her Instagram page, where her handle is @nolongerfatjosie:

“I stuck to a low carb, no sugar diet for TWO WHOLE years. I began to eat natural sugars about six months into my journey. In the first 12 months I lost 63kgs. I do not see this as a diet to lose weight, I see this as my new lifestyle change.”

As for her prom dress goal, Josie crushed it. She looked stunning in a red, fitted dress complete with sequins and beads.

Source: Josephine Desgrand via Instagram

Now out of high school, Josie is writing a book and sharing her advice online with others wanting to follow in her footsteps. She provides her followers insight into her exercise routine and nutrition program and shares her meal plans along with encouragement.

“Health isn’t just about what you’re eating and drinking. It’s also about what you’re thinking and saying. Make your mental health a priority,” she advises.

Source: Josephine Desgrand via Instagram

Now 19, Josie acknowledges that it hasn’t all been easy:

“In these two years I have faced some very difficult challenges but I have chosen to pick myself up and keep moving. Everybody has bad days, never let a stumble be the end of your journey. Stay positive.”

If you want to follow Josie on Instagram, you can find her here, along with more amazing before-and-after photos.

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