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Like many children, Axel was struggling with the idea of attending school and being apart from his mother. His bus driver gave him the support to get through it.

As Axel was waiting for the bus to pick him up for his first-ever day of school, he was smiling.

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He had been dreading spending a day away from his family. But his mother, Amy Johnson, had reassured him that everything would be all right.

But as the bus slowed to a halt in front of him, his despair took over.

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“He was all smiles when he saw me around the corner. And then I started to slow down. And that’s when you could see his face kind of start to change.” – Isabel Lane.

Isabel Lane, the bus driver, could tell that the child was upset. So she gave him a reassuring smile. The boy wouldn’t walk up the steps, really not wanting to be apart from his mother.

Source: BRProud News – NBC Local 33 / Fox44/YouTube

So Amy picked her child up and placed him on the nearest bus seat. Then Amy tried to take the boy’s photo to remember his first day of school. But it wasn’t easy.

As Amy walked away to take the picture, Axel started grabbing for his mom. Then Isabel did something to calm Axel down. She stuck her hand behind her. Axel clung on to her hand, and the boy stayed in place.

Source: BRProud News – NBC Local 33 / Fox44/YouTube

Amy was able to take the photo. The child was clearly still distraught, but the mom knew that he would look back at it and laugh.

Isabel’s comforting hand-holding was there in the shot. Amy could tell that it was a heartwarming sight, so she uploaded the image to her Facebook account.

Pretty soon, the image started going viral. The local police department even reposted the photo on their Facebook page, praising Isabel for helping Axel through a tough time. That repost alone has, to date, gained over 2,400 reactions. It also has over 650 shares and 170 comments. People have been saying things like this:

Source: Augusta WI Police Department/Facebook

Isabel herself has been surprised at the positive reaction. Her response tells you everything you need to know about how kind a person she is:

“I didn’t think it was like that big of a deal personally. I guess this is something that I would do.” – Isabel Lane.

Source: BRProud News – NBC Local 33 Fox44/YouTube

But Lane’s effort to comfort Axel quickly made a big difference in the child. The very next day, when Lane stopped to pick Axel up, the boy’s attitude was very different.

He was waiting at the bus stop on his own. Then, with a smile on his face, he said hi to Isabel and walked onboard.

Source: BRProud News – NBC Local 33 / Fox44/YouTube

In the weeks since his first day, Axel has only grown even happier. He can’t believe that he was ever so upset at the idea of going to school.

In fact, he actively looks forward to the school day. And Isabel played a strong part in letting Axel see that school can be fun instead of scary. She really is going above and beyond.

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Source: BRProud News – NBC Local 33 / Fox44, CNN