Dad and little girl practice for Daddy & Daughter dance and internet can’t get enough

TikTok has given people all over the world a reason to share parts of their life with, well… everyone.

It’s a platform where users can share their skills, hobbies, family moments, travel, and talents.

Cole LaBrant, also known on TikTok as thesupercole, is an actor and social media star who first became popular on Vine and then on TikTok and YouTube with his vlog crazy family.

He also uses his TikTok account to share moments with his stepdaughter, Everleigh.

This young father and his 7 year old daughter are fantastic dancers!

In the first video, Cole captions it with, “when your 7 year old daughter dances better than you… her facial expressions kill me😂”

This is one proud dad who’s not afraid to show the world that he and his princess can get down with the best of them!

See, as cool as the moves are, and as adorable as this duo is, Everleigh dances with all the emotions on her face.

She certainly knows how to entertain and she’s only going to get better!


Everleigh’s getting so good at these😂

♬ Wasp x Caroline – Kuya Magik

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