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Sadly, owners are sometimes forced to give up their dogs. And when owners have to surrender their pets, it’s a heart-wrenching event.

Dogs can sense some things before they happen. If their owners are upset with them or planning on going on vacation without them, they can tell.

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Moses the pit bull terrier had had a terrible feeling of dread for weeks.

His family had adopted him a year ago. And they had all fallen in love. Moses was so grateful to have a home and people to be with every day. But then they fell on hard times.

The family was forced to move to a smaller place, and the only place they could afford wouldn’t allow dogs.

It was the most difficult decision the family had ever encountered, but it was either homelessness or giving up the dog. They realized that Moses had to go back to the shelter.

In the weeks leading up to the abandonment, Moses started crying regularly and lost all of his usual enthusiasm.

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And then, when the family packed up his toys, food and crate into the car, Moses knew what was happening. He was going back to the shelter again.

At the shelter, Moses was begging to stay with the family, but there was nothing that he could do to stop them from giving him away.

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Nancy Klein, a shelter volunteer, started filming the tragic incident. Just then, Moses walked up to Nancy and crawled onto her lap. He was clearly asking Nancy to help out, to make it so that he didn’t have to stay at the shelter.

Moses had to get used to life back at the shelter. But little did he know that this stay would be very brief.

Nancy’s Facebook video of Moses being given up soon went viral. To date, it has had over one million views. The comments were also flooded with people asking if they could adopt Moses.

Source: Nancy Klein/Facebook

In no time at all, the shelter was able to locate a new family that would be ideal for Moses.

Nancy took to Facebook the day after she posted her original video saying this:

“I just got news that MOSES WAS ADOPTED!!  and he has two new human kids to play with and love him!  We are SO very happy for him!”

This new family is much more secure than the last one, so barring anything extreme, Moses should be safe and happy for many more years.

Source: Nancy Klein/Facebook

But the really amazing thing was that Nancy’s video didn’t just result in Moses finding a forever home.

Many of the people that viewed the video went to the shelter and asked if they could adopt a dog like Moses. Pretty soon, most of the animals in that shelter had been successfully adopted into loving families.

If only all animals could have shelter stays that are as short as Moses’s.

Many shelter volunteers do their best to make the animals that they look after happy and contented. But it is a very difficult task. Shelters are often overcrowded, and the animals experience terrible loneliness.

Hopefully, in the future, more people will open their hearts to shelter animals and take them into their homes permanently.

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Posted by Nancy Klein on Sunday, January 22, 2017

Source: Nancy Klein