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All that Zachary Randolph was doing was showing his appreciation for law enforcement. Sadly, that was enough for some onlookers to get him into serious trouble.

Randolph is a student who works on weekends at Great American Cookies in a mall in Texas. Whenever he’s on shift, he has a happy demeanor. He smiles to the customers and tells them to have a good day.

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But recently, something happened that threatened to ruin his happy disposition.

It was a normal workday like any other. Standing in line to buy something from the bakery was a police officer.

When the officer reached the front of the line, he ordered a cheesecake brownie. Randolph handed him the brownie and told the officer that he didn’t have to pay. The young man would be covering the cost of the treat as a thanks to the officer’s service.

The officer thanked Randolph and went back on duty.

Then the couple behind the officer came up to the register. They placed an order and asked Randolph to give them the food for free, like the cop.

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Randolph then clarified that the cop’s food wasn’t for free, but he had covered the cost himself. He had decided to do this gesture as a token of appreciation for the officer’s risky work.

This really pissed the customers off. They demanded that Randolph pay for their food.

Randolph kindly explained that he couldn’t. He was a student and therefore cash strapped.

The customers then accused him of being racist and threatened to beat him up.

Then they started shouting at Randolph, saying that they would get him fired for this.

Randolph’s manager came onto the scene. Luckily, he was able to calm the angry customers down. But he also told Randolph that he was suspended without pay and may end up being terminated from the position.

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Saddened, Randolph came home. The young man’s mother was surprised to see him back so early. Randolph described what had happened, and his mother was furious.

She’d always raised her boy to do the right thing and respect law enforcement. In this instance, he was clearly being a good human being, and he’d been punished for it. In fact, for covering the cost of a cop’s snack, Randolph may potentially get fired.

Source: Fox 26

Not knowing what else to do, Randolph’s mother took to Facebook to explain the situation, ask for advice and vent her righteous anger.

This was enough to save Randolph’s job. Pretty soon, people started sharing Randolph’s mother’s post. Soon, people that had never met Randolph or his mom shared and commented on the post.

In no time at all, Randolph and his mom started getting calls from local news outlets. They wanted to feature his story.

Great American Cookies also started receiving these calls. Then they started getting angry comments from people who had heard this story.

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Pretty soon, Randolph’s manager showed up at Randolph’s home, apologized and said that the young man could come back to work.

The company also released a statement to the public, expressing their regret over how they had handled Randolph’s suspension.

Thankfully, the court of public opinion was able to exonerate Randolph. Now he is able to work and study with just as much happiness as before, his faith in humanity restored.

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Source: ABC 13