Foolish guy smokes at gas pump until employee teaches him a lesson

You shouldn’t have to carry around a rule book to know what things aren’t a good idea to EVER do.

Things like “Don’t stick your fingers in a power outlet” or “Don’t eat dirt” seem pretty simple and understandable to most people.

“Don’t smoke at a gas station” is another one of those very simple and obvious rules that 99.99% of the population understands.

Sadly, there’s still a small percentage of very foolish people who ignore the rules and put everyone in danger, and that’s what happened one evening at a set of gas pumps.


It seems pretty obvious that lighting up a cigarette while surrounded by flammable gases and liquids is probably not super smart, right?

It would be so easy for a little bit of ash or a single spark to connect with the gas pumps or volatile fumes in the air, lighting up the fuel and turning the whole place into a blazing inferno.

It’s really not rocket science, and that’s why pretty much every gas station around the globe has a couple of “No Smoking” signs stuck up around the place.

Unfortunately, this young man either didn’t see those signs or simply didn’t care.

Security camera footage at this Gazprom gas station somewhere in Sofia, Bulgaria, shows two cars pulling up.

We then see a young guy in a white T-shirt and baseball hat get out of the car on the right side of the frame.

It’s a little hard to make out due to the low resolution of the camera, but the young man is holding a cigarette between his fingers.


We can’t tell exactly what’s happening, but the smoker seems to be having some kind of dispute with someone outside of the frame.

Meanwhile, a second customer on the left side simply starts filling up his car, probably hoping to get out of there before the situation gets worse.

Moments later, we see one of the gas station workers step into the frame.

According to Caters Clips, the gas station employee had asked the customer to put his cigarette out several times.

So when the man refused to listen, the employee decided to take matters into his own hands!

He marched right across the station and picked up a fire extinguisher, setting it down behind the smoker’s car.


And then, finally, we get to enjoy the sweet taste of justice as the gas station employee lets loose!

He blasts the smoker with the fire extinguisher, completely covering him and his car in a white cloud.

The spray is so big, we can’t even make out the car anymore in the camera feed!


Even though modern gas stations are way safer than they used to be and the risks of a fire or explosion are very low, it’s still silly and illegal to smoke around gas pumps, and this guy really should know better.

Although we don’t know for certain, one would think it was the last cigarette this guy smoked near a gas pump. And it’s all thanks to a sweet dose of karma.

Watch the video below to see the gas station clerk teach his foolish customer a lesson!

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