Only 4% of women and 2% of men in America get married by the age of 19. Most people think that 19 is too young to tie the knot, but these two weren’t most people.

Hannah and Donovan’s story starts like so many high school romances. But it ends very differently!

Most people’s first loves end for one reason or another, such as leaving for college or growing apart. But Hannah and Donovan were just so close.

It all began when Hannah, who had recently passed her driving test, drove her 13-year-old brother to school one evening.

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After she dropped her brother off, Hannah headed to the gym. At the gym, she spotted Donovan, a football player at the school.

Immediately, she was taken with his good looks and friendly smile.

Then she noticed that he had a limp. So she asked the boy what had happened. This started a conversation that the two would never forget.

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After a while, Hannah had to pick up her brother, so she said goodbye. Later that night, Donovan added Hannah on Facebook, and they kept on messaging.

So they arranged to meet up at a Starbucks to see if they would keep on getting along so well.

They discovered that yes, they got along incredibly well. In fact, they might have stayed longer than anyone ever had in that Starbucks because the conversation just kept on flowing.

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But still, this wasn’t officially a date.

So a month later, when Donovan and Hannah happened to meet each other in town, Donovan asked her on a proper romantic date at a proper restaurant. Not a Starbucks.

From that date onwards, Hannah and Donovan were a couple. They wanted to spend every day together, like so many young people who experience their first love.

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But then something threatened to tear them apart.

They both got good grades in high school, so Donovan and Hannah looked at going to college.

Hannah and Donovan had both lived in Morenci, Arizona for their entire lives. But now they were set to move far, far away.

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Hannah’s college was in Idaho, and Donovan’s was in Montana. Those are two neighboring states, but instead of being a few minutes from one another, they were now four hours apart.

At first, they tried to make this arrangement work. But anyone who has been to college in a different state knows that it’s hard.

Being far away from home and focusing on a degree takes a lot of attention.

So the couple made the mutual decision to break up.

The only issue was that Hannah had already bought a ticket to visit Donovan over Thanksgiving, and the tickets were non-refundable. Donovan said that she could visit him as friends.

So Hannah agreed and went over to Donovan’s college for Thanksgiving.

When she arrived, Donovan had had a sports injury and was in crutches. He was limping around just like when she had first met him. This made Hannah remember just how good those early days with Donovan were, and how, until they had left for college, they’d been able to have such an amazing relationship.

So they decided to keep their relationship going.

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And being out of the relationship for a short while made them realize just how special it really was. They knew they had to get married.

Hannah and Donovan told their friends and family that they were getting married and that they wanted to go through with it before they were 20.

This news had a mixed reaction. Some family members said that they were doing the wrong thing, while others applauded them. But the negative voices were by far the loudest.

Despite the criticism, Hannah and Donovan tied the knot.

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The two carried on with their studies, and after they had both graduated, they moved in to the same home and pursued their careers.

The couple is now living together and looking forward to many happy years and raising a family together.

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