Some things just used to better, even though it’s mostly just nostalgic feelings coming to mind whenever we feel this way. There’s no denying that the world today is very different from what it was in the past, and some things that seemed absolutely natural and perfectly normal a couple of years ago are nowhere to be seen today.

Of course, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is a good old telephone booth! The harsh reality is, while some of these things seem perfectly usual for us, children don’t recognize these anymore or have no idea what their purpose was.

If you can recognize some of the images in this fun list, you’re probably an old, nostalgic soul!

1) Changing the channel to play video games or watch your VCR

Our televisions have become smart and know what to do when you’ve got a gaming console attached, but back in the day, you had to set the channel to ‘three’ to even get an image of your game!

2) Cleaning CDs and rewinding cassettes

Nowadays, everything is digital. Our music streams wirelessly throughout our phone to our headset, but music wasn’t always this easily accessible. Cleaning CDs or rewinding cassettes used to something you did on a regular basis.

3) Blockbuster memories

Source: iFunny

Show this picture to a young person and they’ll have no idea what they’re looking at, but if you’ve ever rented movies, you know that this signifies the forgotten era of Blockbuster.

4) Tiny bedroom TVs

Source: Sharp

Screens may be around plentiful now, but in an age without smartphones, tablets, and virtual headsets, tiny personal bedroom televisions used to be a must-have. Most of them even had a built-in VCR to watch movies.

5) Coming soon!

Source: Reddit

Ah, the age of owning movies and television series on VCR or DVDs – having these in physical form is still something a lot of people today prefer. If you’ve seen a lot of movie trailers, this is probably an image you’ve seen way too many times.

6) Special erasers

Source: Lauren092916

Not everyone who had one of these actually realized that these magic erasers had a double purpose: the blue part was meant to delete markings of a pen with special ink.

7) The first Caller ID

Source: Reddit

Caller ID may seem like something we all take for granted now, but it was something that people had to pay for in its early stages. You even needed to have a separate device to know who was calling you!

8) Clock radios

Source: TheWonderOnesie

Chances are you still have one of these bad boys laying around the home, as they were immensely popular at the time they were introduced. An alarm clock and radio at the same time? Every home needed to have one.

9) Tiny water games

Source: TylerSGman77

Millions of these toys have seen the inside of a Happy Meal box, but these tiny water game things are a lot harder than they look! You’d think that a game with one button would be super simple, but that certainly wasn’t the case.

10) Racetrack rugs

Source: thedudethatyeah

You used to see these in practically every children’s room, but the trend seemed to have moved on. A rug for all of your small toy cars? Simple, but pretty smart!

11) World’s cutest detective

Source: Dnewkirk87

This isn’t just a funny image of a dog wearing an outfit – it’s none other than Detective Wishbone, of course! The television show was very popular in the late nineties but appears to be forgotten.

12) What’s this?

Can you answer this question? If you’ve ever driven an older car, you’d know that this button was used to switch between high lights and low lights. It’s pretty much a perfect age test!

13) Windows XP

Source: Reddit

If you’ve owned a computer in the early 2000s, chances are you’ve looked at this screen thousands of times. Windows XP was the most popular operating system at the time, and this login screen brings up a ton of nostalgia for millions of users.

14) Brewing coffee yourself

Source: Pixabay – kaboompics

Nowadays, there seem to be a dozen different ways to consume coffee – whether it’s pads, pods, sophisticated coffee machines, and everything in between. Before all this, however, coffee was made with a percolator coffee pot and nothing else.

15) VR from the past

Source: The2500

The Viewmaster is often described as the virtual reality headset of its time, and in many ways, it’s pretty close. These were personal viewing devices for a roll of images/slides and were immensely popular.

16) Jacks


Before you could step on legos, you could step on jacks. This game was popular a couple of decades ago, and players have to throw these sharp metal objects around only to pick up as many as possible while bouncing a rubber ball.

17) 50s dining style

Source: A Word With You Press

Luckily, there are still a couple of diners around that haven’t abandoned the Fifties aesthetic, and that’s probably a good time. The period was known for its rather funky furniture with plenty of green and yellow colors.

18) Renting a video game

Source: letimewizard

Nowadays, you just hop onto the Nintendo eShop, Xbox Marketplace, or the PlayStation Store and download any game you’d like, but you could actually rent games back in the day. Different times!

19) Landline telephone booths

Source: torpedomon

If you can’t figure out why these wooden dividers are here, you probably haven’t struggled with the early days of landline telephones. Everything had to be connected to a cord, which is exactly why these dividers were here.

20) Plastic joy

Source: Even-Amos

While most gamers will be able to recognize this picture, it can be pretty hard to figure out what this slab of plastic actually is without a label on it. These cartridges held the games for the extremely popular Nintendo Entertainment System – or the NES, for short.

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