Jennifer Lopez, aka JLo, is no ordinary performer. So it’s no surprise that when she got a chance to perform on stage during 2015’s Americal Idol competition, she wore an anything-but-ordinary dress.

Unable to walk out on stage in such a creation, she simply lit up from darkness to perform the ballad “Feel the Light,” which was featured in the animated motion picture “Home.”

At first, she seemed to be dressed in a simple white ballgown.

Source: Screencap/Danvinno via YouTube

But as the camera panned out and the lights came up, the massive size of the dress was slowly revealed.

Source: Screencap/Danvinno via YouTube

Wait, it gets bigger!

Source: Screencap/Danvinno via YouTube

Only an aerial shot truly does it’s sheer circumference any justice.

Source: Screencap/Danvinno via YouTube

The dress took up nearly the whole stage, but it wasn’t just the size of the dress that was impressive. It’s bright white color allowed it to act as a sort of screen on which images were projected throughout the singer’s performance.

About a minute into the song, the train starts to change color and a galaxy of stars surround Lopez.

Source: Screencap/Danvinno via YouTube

Of course, the press immediately tracked down the dress’ creators to get the low-down on the beautiful gown.

The dress was the work of Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, who explained to Hollywood Reporter that the dress had a 40-foot diameter in total. The skirt was actually a separate piece of material added on later.

Zangardi explained their vision:

“The look was inspired from an old vintage reference that we’ve been holding on to for a long time, waiting for the right moment.”

Over the course of the three-and-a-half-minute performance, more images were projected on to the dress – the video below is a must-watch for those wanting to experience the full effect!

Source: Screencap/Danvinno via YouTube

And it took quite a bit of work for the show-stopping outfit to come together to act as a gown AND projection screen, though the stylists pulled it all together in just 2 days!

The images that were projected onto the skirt had to be mapped out beforehand so that they could properly attach the skirt.

“We wanted this to be spectacular yet elegant,” Zangardi added.

And that it was.

Source: Screencap/Danvinno via YouTube

The dress is by designer Misha and the stylists sourced the skirt fabric from International Silks & Woolens in L.A. The result was something no one could have imaged when JLo first took the stage.

And since the song has such sweet and encouraging lyrics, Zangardi said they “needed a giant canvas to convey such an uplifting sentiment aesthetically. Cue the sizable skirt!”

At the end of the performance, scenes from the movie were even projected onto the gown.

Source: Screencap/Danvinno via YouTube

The song is used during a high point in the movie’s plot as well as in the ending credits. It, along with Rhianna’s “Towards the Sun,” are the two biggest hits from the film’s soundtrack. That’s quite a lot of star power for one animated film!

When MTV UK‘s Michael Pell noted that “Feel The Light is a heart-felt ballad with the video taking us through a magical journey of friendship between the wee girl and her alien pal,” we wonder if he could have imagined such an otherworldly performance.

Be sure to scroll down below to see the mesmerizing video.

Oh, and the vocals are great too!

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Source: Danvinno via YouTubeHollywood Reporter