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Some antique dealers knowingly rip off their customers. But many more are honest. This antique dealer must be the most selfless of them all.

Alexander Archbold has been in the antique dealing business for years.

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It’s a unique industry, and as you may imagine, he’s seen many amazing things and met many interesting characters.

But the most interesting story of his entire career happened when a homeless man came into his shop.

Curiosity Inc. is Archbold’s antique store. It’s located in Alberta, Canada and has been a family business from the start.

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Adam, the homeless man, found himself in the store one day, among all the amazing items.

He walked up to Archbold, with a plastic bag held in one of his hands. The bag was swinging back and forth. Something heavy was inside.

Adam had been dumpster diving that morning, looking to make a quick buck.

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The homeless man reached Archbold and took the contents of the bag out. On the counter was a range of trinkets. Archbold studied them all for a second, and then something caught his gaze.

It was a broken picture frame with a drawing from the Disney classic Bambi.

In particular, it depicted the scene where Bambi learns to walk, just after being born.

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Disney memorabilia always has a market. So Archbold snapped the picture up for the princely sum of $20.

Pleased, Adam left the store with the money.

But later, Archbold examined the photo closely and discovered something shocking.

He had initially valued the photo as being able to retail for $100. If it was from the 1940s, then it would definitely fetch that.

However, the picture was no mass produced piece of merchandise made to tie in with Bambi’s big screen release. It was actually much more special.

After taking the picture out of its frame, Archbold saw that the picture had a very old certificate of authenticity. Its copyright date was 1937. Bambi was only released in 1942. Clearly, this item was special.

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The drawing was actually part of the original animation frames used in the movie. That made it a highly sought after, very rare piece of cinematic history!

Archbold contacted a gallery in the USA that had a similar original animation drawing. They valued their drawing at $3,500.

Most people, upon hearing this news, would get dollar signs in their eyes. But not Archbold. Instead, he was overcome with an immense feeling of guilt.

Adam, the man who had obviously fallen on hard times, had briefly owned something that would get him back on his feet. And Archbold had taken it for just $20.

That’s when Archbold decided to do something to right this wrong.

He put the drawing on eBay, where it sold for $3,700. But not all of the money was for him.

He decided to track Adam down and give him a fair share.

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But Adam was a hard man to find. Having no home meant that Adam was basically uncontactable.

Yet Archbold wasn’t deterred. He rode around Alberta every day for two straight weeks.

But in the end, Archbold found Adam. Adam was confused, barely remembering selling the drawing.

When Archbold pulled out $1,700, Adam’s cut, the homeless man was astounded.

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But this was just the start of Adam’s good fortune and Archbold’s help. Archbold decided to create a GoFundMe page for Adam, to get him extra funds. Originally, Archbold set a goal of $10,000. But in the end, he had raised almost $18,000, all for Adam.

Now Adam has a permanent home. And it’s all thanks to Archbold being a good human being.

If only all business owners went out of their way to help their clients like this!

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