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If you saw an infant in peril, would you be brave enough to rescue him or her? Angelo Mondragon doesn’t need to wonder.

When Angelo Mondragon went with his family to the lake to swim one day, he didn’t know that he would end up saving a life.

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Mondragon is a father who dearly loves his kids. But his fatherly instincts extend to all kids. He will do anything to help a child in need, as one child that day would find out.

It all began when he went into the lake for a swim. As he was wading through the water, he thought that he felt something unusual brush his foot.

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He looked down and saw a small child’s toes sticking out of the water.

“The baby’s toes surfaced. I saw just the bottom of her feet surfaced, and right then, at that moment, that became my child.”

Horrified at what the child was going through, Mondragon pulled the infant from under the lake. She was not responsive, so he ran and ran to the shore.

He began screaming for someone to help the child in his arms. As soon as he got to the shore, two nurses who were on the lake that day rushed to the child’s side. They began administering CPR.

In a few moments, the girl started breathing again, and Mondragon himself let out a sigh of relief. He hadn’t realized it, but he’d been holding his breath as soon as he came ashore.

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The girl, Sidlalay Hernandez, was taken to hospital where she could recover over the next few days.

The girl’s family thanked Mondragon from the bottom of their hearts. They couldn’t believe that they’d let her wander off like that.

But Mondragon wanted to be sure that the little girl was ok. The next day, the man was able to meet the girl in the hospital. She hugged and thanked him for saving her.

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Hernandez ended up spending three days in the hospital before going home.

A news report of Mondragon’s rescue appeared on YouTube shortly after it happened. To date, it has gained almost 400,000 views. People have praised Mondragon in the comments.

They have been saying things like this:

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Many people have named Mondragon a hero for his swift actions on that day.

But the man himself denies it. Instead, he just says he’s a father. He also says that Hernandez will always have a place in his heart.

But Mondragon wasn’t content with saving just one child.

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He wanted to ensure that the lake where he had rescued the girl would have more safety measures in the future. So he started a fund to get life vests for children who go swimming there. After raising hundreds of dollars, he was able to get the life vests, which are now on hand at the lake for anyone who needs them.

Some people really go above and beyond. Mondragon is one of those people. Not only did he rescue one person, but he also tackled a larger problem with the safety of the site of the rescue. Who knows how many lives he will end up saving over time?

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Source: CBS Denver