Alan Jackson’s daughter reveals another side to country music star

For four decades Alan Jackson has entertained his millions of fans with his wonderful mix of honky tonk and traditional country music. He has sold more than 80 million records, is a member of the Grand Ole Oprey and...

Toddler found dead in his bed by dad, after going to his room to watch favorite movie

4-year-old David George from Glasgow, Scotland, was a happy little kid who was very much loved by his mom, dad and two older siblings. But unfortunately, this smiling boy would be ripped away from his family in an incredibly...

5-year-old doesn’t think twice when mom has seizure in pool, jumps in and saves her life

Be sure to reach the end of this article to see the full video! Tracy Anderwald knows that her daughter will always look out for her. When the child was just five, she managed to save her mother’s life.

McDonald’s worker can tell that driver has a problem, goes into “hero mode” to save her

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Daddy Says It’s Time To Pray— Watch As Baby Girl Joins In Most Adorable Fashion

Babies and dinner time don’t always make for the most inspiring combination. But an adorable viral video shows one little girl with the table manners of a saint. Source: John Incorvaia via YouTube

Mourning mom sells stillborn baby’s crib for $2: One week later, buyer returns it completely transformed

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15 people who prove haircuts can completely change the way you look

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Daughter refuses to wake up from nap – then terrified mom realizes the horrific truth

All parents worry about their children, especially when they are young. We make sure they don’t get lost, are not exposed to unnecessary dangers, and we work hard to keep from healthy and away from illness.

Top Cook Shows You How To Make A Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

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Depressed dog refuses to leave pregnant mom alone – then she realizes she’s trying to save her life

Alhanna Butler, 21, and her fiancé Ricky, 25, live in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, with her son Lincoln and their dog, Keola. Were it not for Keola, an American Akita, Alhanna and her son would probably not be around today.