Patrick Hennessey was on his way to work one early morning at 4:30 am when he spotted two small figures on the side of the road.

Slowing down to see what was going on, he realized that it was two dogs huddled together, at least one of which appeared to be injured.

Like a good citizen, Hennessey called the police instead of driving by and two Orange County, Florida sheriffs responded to the call.

Officers Boggs and Reed arrived at the scene to find two pit bulls, one of which had been hit by a car and the other refusing to leave her side.

The injured dog was bleeding from a large gash in her leg and once the dogs realized the officers were there to help, they let them approach.

Boggs and Reed moved the dogs out of harm’s way and tended to the wound with some gauze and a bandana while they waited for Animal Services to arrive.

Source: Orange County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

After sharing some treats with the pups the officers made fast friends. Instead of loading them into the car or simply holding them in place, the officers snuggled up to the pit bulls – who were wearing collars and had likely been abandoned – and comforted them.

And the photos are as heartwarming as you would expect.

Source: Orange County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

The pictures were taken by a passerby named Adam who saw the sweet scene and wanted to compliment the officers.

He later sent the photos on to the Sheriff’s Office as proof of their good deed.

“The deputies stood by with the dogs until Animal Services arrived,” he wrote, “these pictures I took depict a loving nature from our deputies and will tug at any animal lover’s heart strings. Thank you.”

Source: Orange County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

Once Animal Services arrived, the officers said goodbye to their new friends but kept tabs on the pair. After both were tended to and ready for visitors, Boggs and Reed went to check on them.

And as soon as they arrived, the dogs remembered the men who saved them. They couldn’t stop loving on them!

Source: Screencap via Facebook

As you might imagine, the story had people from all over the world praising the officers for their kindness and compassion, particularly those who love pit bulls and understand that they can sometimes be judged based on their breed alone.

“Thank you so much Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs,” said one commenter. “When you can extend a helping hand to not just humans, but other creatures as well, it says a great deal about your character.”

The dogs – now named Liberty and Justice – both recovered brilliantly and Orange County Animal Control showed off their progress.

Source: Orange County Animal Control via Facebook

Liberty and Justice aren’t the only dogs that Officer Reed helped save.

Just a year later the shelter credited him with yet another dog rescue, after which the pup was reunited with its family.

Source: Orange County Animal Services via Facebook

While the dogs’ ultimate fate is unclear, both were initially adopted – though it took longer for Liberty to find a home. Unfortunately, Justice was was re-surrendered by her owner in 2018.

Source: Becky Groves via Facebook

Dogs abandoned by their owners often find themselves in this position, so it’s important to remember that getting a dog is a huge responsibility and one that people need to take seriously. It’s also crucial to adopt not shop when it comes to your pets since so many wonderful animals end up being euthanized due to lack of space in shelters.

To end on a happy note, you can watch the officers’ reunion with the dogs in the video below.

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