Most siblings don’t always get along. They often annoy each other, get into fights, and take pleasure in teasing each other but when it comes down to it, our siblings will always have our backs.

We all show our love to our siblings in different ways, but this young man expressed his support to his sister in the most creative way.

Meet Maverick Francisco Oyao, a Culture and Arts Education student who decided to make a prom dress from scratch for his younger sister Lu Asey Keanna.

This viral story all started when Lu’s school announced that they will push through with their Junior-Senior (JS) Prom. The school required all female attendees to wear a ball gown, but Lu feared that her parents couldn’t afford to buy or even rent one.

Thankfully, her big brother came to the rescue!

Maverick is creative, so he knew that he had to do something about it. He then decided to create a ball gown for his sister from scratch. The whole thing costs less than fancier gowns, but wait until you see the final product.

Source: Facebook – Maverick Francisco Oyao

He had limited time, so he immediately made his way to the textile store to buy materials. With a meager budget of only Php 3,000 (around $62), Maverick got all that he needed.

Source: Facebook – Maverick Francisco Oyao

His inspiration was none other than world-renowned Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco.

“I browsed on YouTube and Google on different types of ball dresses, especially Michael Cinco’s Spring and Summer Collection, and started conceptualizing.”

Source: Facebook – Maverick Francisco Oyao

Maverick then started off by drawing out the sketch for her sister’s gown. He then created patterns and cut the fabric for the skirt. Once done, he then made crisscross patterns with white satin ribbons and embellished the skirt with plastic flowers, clear crystal beads, and sequins.

The skirt already looks phenomenal!

He continued on with the corset, hand-painting it with ombré blue to fit the dress’s color palette. After drying, Maverick added some blue swirls all over to make it look more regal. And of course, following his Michael Cinco inspiration, he finished it off with flamboyant blue ombre sleeves.

Source: Facebook – Maverick Francisco Oyao

His sister, Lu, absolutely slayed her winter-themed ball gown.

Although she didn’t win Best Dressed, the siblings are still very much proud of each other. In his heart, Lu deserved the award not because he made it, but because his sister was wearing it.

“I’ve done my part very well as your supportive kuya (big brother), and I won’t get tired of supporting you. That’s my promise. I hope I made you happy this Valentine’s Day,” he said on his Facebook post dedicated to his sister.

The post instantly became viral, to the point that it even reached Michael Cinco!

This is a very inspiring story…LOVE inspires people to create beautiful things in the world… 

Posted by Michael Cinco onWednesday, February 19, 2020

Now, Maverick accepts design and styling projects and does photoshoot sessions to aid his family during these problematic times.

Only goes to show that as long as you persevere and inspire yourself, you can achieve no matter what.

And in Maverick’s case, his love for his baby sister was absolutely enough.

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Source: Facebook – @Maverick Francisco OyaoMichael Cinco