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Susan Boyle’s life is a true rags-to-riches story. But does her home look like it belongs to someone who has found fame and fortune?

In some ways, Susan Boyle’s home looks like your typical suburban house in Britain.

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But if you look a little closer, you’ll see pictures of the owner meeting The Pope, an honorary doctorate of music from a top music conservatory and mementos of many other things that only a very few people get to experience.

When most people find fame and fortune, they buy a big home or 10 and live lavishly. Susan Boyle, as most people know, is different.

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She has lived in the same home in a small Scottish town for her entire life. Her global success as a singer hasn’t prompted any kind of move to a larger home.

Recently, Boyle allowed cameras inside her home. And the footage provides a unique insight into her life.

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From the outside, Boyle’s home is your typical “semi-detached” home found all over the UK.

But the inside has been partially modernized.

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The corridor just past the front door hasn’t yet been remodeled. It has white walls filled with pictures of Boyle’s life and items highlighting Boyle’s Roman Catholic faith.

The first room closest to the front door is Boyle’s piano room. Boyle is still just starting out when it comes to playing the piano, so it contains a range of “how to play the piano” manuals.

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The top of the piano is filled with statues of Catholic saints, nuns and other religious items. On the wall are paintings of Boyle, possibly made by fans.

The kitchen looks super modern, with two long countertops on either side and cabinets/shelving above them. But it didn’t always look this way.

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Before Boyle renovated the kitchen, there was very little counter space. That’s because most of the room was taken up by a large round table and four chairs.

The living room has also been tastefully renovated.

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Blue and white stripe wallpaper is on every wall.

This room contains less religious imagery than the piano room or corridor. Instead, more space is used for paintings and photos of Boyle’s youth. (Although there are still angels and a range of other religious odds and ends.)

On top of the stairs is a large grandfather clock.

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There’s also Boyle’s dressing room. This has two large wardrobes on either side. In several places, there are signs saying “dream,” which reminds Boyle of her motto, “Follow your dreams.”

This dressing room started out as Boyle’s bedroom, which she had to share with her two sisters.

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Sadly, the video doesn’t show Boyle’s current bedroom or spare room, as they aren’t yet done up.

But this is still a fascinating video. Even after millions of record sales, Boyle is living a modest lifestyle.

This footage then appeared on YouTube, where it attracted a lot of attention. To date, the video has gained over 800,000 views. It also has more than 9,800 likes and 1,000 comments. People have been saying things like this:

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People could have been judgemental, but instead, they have respected Boyle’s decision to remain in the place she has always called home.

Clearly, she is happy with her home and is proud of herself, just as she should be.

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Source: NorCalKay