The Yeckes family triplets came to Las Vegas and nobody knew what to think. They didn’t seem as if they cared much for school and counselors and teachers thought they were a bit defensive and stand-offish.

Haley, Kassidy, and Sierra Yeckes mostly kept to themselves in school. Eventually the school introduced them to the GEAR UP program. The GEAR UP program helped provide support and care and eventually the triplets opened up to the staff there.

Their mother passed away when they were only three months old and their father was sent to prison as they were entering the sixth grade. So they were forced to move and live with their grandmother.

When their father got out of jail, he moved back in with the kids. That is until the other shoe dropped and the house was shot up while the triplets were home alone.

GEAR UP helped the kids raise their GPA and eventually got accepted to college. The story has a very happy ending.

You’ll have to watch the heartwarming story for yourself!

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