Admittedly, not every job can be particularly flashy or exciting – but we’re pretty sure that life as a police officer can definitely have its fair share of surprises and unexpected moments.

However, there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t make your job more interesting, no matter what job it is.

Source: The Boston Globe, YouTube screenshot

That’s what this 64-year-old police officer must believe because he has been bringing a smile to the face of many people with his infectious dancing on the street.

Even though Officer Tony Lepore may only be 64 years old, he still feels as young as ever and tries to prove that every single day.

Source: The Boston Globe, YouTube screenshot

He’s a police officer in his heart and is extremely proud of his job, and knows that he carries a great responsibility to take care of the safety of the people around him. It’s not a burden to carry lightly. However, since most people tend to see his job as something that’s very serious and where laughing isn’t allowed, he wanted to change that feeling a bit with his dancing attitude. And even at an older age, we definitely must say that these legs can still bust out some serious moves!

Of course, you won’t see Officer Lepore dancing in the middle of a high-stakes intervention or a potentially dangerous scene with criminals.

Source: The Boston Globe, YouTube screenshot

However, when Officer Lepore is doing some traffic work, he absolutely goes loose and manages to combine work and play brilliantly.

In fact, he has been doing this since 1984 and has most definitely attracted some loyal fans over the years.

Source: The Boston Globe, YouTube screenshot

“He is an icon for Providence,” one of them even said.

It’s actually not uncommon for people to stop on the sidewalks and gather a crowd, just to take a look at Officer Lepore and his sweet and energetic moves. Even after more than 27 years, this combined traffic and dancing routine never gets old. Who said traffic duty had to be boring?

In the rather small town of Providence, he’s definitely considered to be one of the most beloved figures and pretty much everyone knows him. Kids look up to him and he manages to brighten up everyone’s day whenever they see a dancing police officer.

Source: The Boston Globe, YouTube screenshot

And it’s not just random dancing – he even has a hip shake and whistles perfectly in rhythm to a catchy tune.

One thing is for sure: if you encounter Officer Lepore handling traffic, your day will definitely become a lot less boring.

Source: The Boston Globe, YouTube screenshot

“I’m out here having fun but you still have to direct the people,” he said.

The man actually says that he got inspired by a hidden camera television show back in the ’80s and wanted to try something out for himself. As you can imagine, he was pretty afraid that his bosses wouldn’t be amused by the whole thing, but since the audience absolutely loved it, they didn’t mind anymore. Who could possibly mind a police officer with such good style and rhythm?

Source: The Boston Globe, YouTube screenshot

Whenever Officer Lepore spots something that isn’t right, he definitely won’t shy away from calling them out. This officer can keep a perfect eye on the street while dancing and won’t let any traffic violators out of his sight.

Source: The Boston Globe, YouTube screenshot

Since the dancing police officer has been active for almost three decades, it has truly become a thing that is popular across multiple generations.

Kids who used to spot him on the street back in the day now bring their own kids along just to see him!

Source: The Boston Globe, YouTube screenshot

Officer Lepore has got some serious moves, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Be sure to check out the amazing footage below!

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Source: The Boston Globe (YouTube)Tony Lepore