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Twins are lucky, because they always have someone just like themselves. Even before they’re born, they develop together and have each other for comfort.

Most twins are best friends. It’s just the way it is. As they grow up, they share so much more than just a birthday and parents.

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But the special connection that twins share starts before birth. When twins are in the womb, they have each other. It must be so reassuring to cuddle up with someone else while you develop.

If anyone doubts that twins cuddle in the womb, just watch this video of two newborns.

They are only a few weeks old. Suddenly, they have so much more space. But still, they cling to one another for comfort and reassurance.

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In this video, one twin cuddles the other. Clearly, the two babies are using cuddling as a coping mechanism for this new world.

In the video, the twins briefly open their eyes as the mom, who is behind the camera, comes up to them. The two babies are so calm and happy that they close their eyes again.

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Then, just in case anyone doubts that the babies are making each other content, the babies smile.

The babies are surrounded by toys, but that doesn’t matter. All that they need is each other.

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Unilad posted this amazing footage onto its Facebook page, where it has since become a viral hit. It has gained 22 million views, 256,000 shares and 133,000 reactions to date.

It has also gained over 43,000 comments. People have been saying things like this:

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But the original content comes from an Instagram account for the two babies, called Tobon_twins.

The twins are two girls named Sofia and Sara.

When Unilad posted the video, it was already years old. Luckily, that means that there’s plenty of content showing how the twins are growing up together.

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Sofia and Sara are now toddlers. They and their family have been on so many adventures.

The family lives in Florida. But they go to Europe on a regular basis

The babies have been on vacation to Italy, Spain and Greece, and they’re only two years old.

Source: Tobon_twins/Instagram

Sofia and Sara are so lucky to have each other. They clearly have loving parents as well as each other.

The adventures of these two twins are enough to make anyone envious. Who else wishes that they could have had a genetically identical partner in crime to go on adventures with as a kid?

Although, there is another side to this experience. Just imagine how difficult it must be for the twins’ parents.

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It’s not unusual for people to have two children, but two at the same time? It must be so hard to keep track of the babies.

The parents are happy in all of the social media posts, and the twins look like they bring joy to their parents’ lives, but there must be a lot of stress involved too!

Both of the parents, Juan Carlos and Juliana Tobon, work as real estate professionals. They’re incredibly successful at their jobs. They say that they’ve managed to achieve a great work-life balance, even with two young twins.

It can be hard to raise twins while working in a competitive field, but these two are doing it!

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