We have singing competitions and all-around reality talent competitions, but it’s hard for ice skaters to perform on those. But the sport is wildly popular in Russia, which has its own set of reality ice skating competitions.

“Dancing on Ice” started in Britain but was quickly picked up by Russian television in 2008 as well and renamed “Ice Age.” There’s even a children’s version called “Ice Age Kids”

On the show, there are boys’ and girl’s solo categories as well as mixed pairs.

“Ice Age Kids” aired its second season in 2018 and two little ice skaters have stolen hearts with their performances, particularly one set to the Leonard Cohen hit (covered by Rufus Wainwright) “Hallelujah.”

In the clip that’s been seen over 3 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube in 2018, nine-year-old Evelina Pokrasneteva and eleven-year-old Ilya Makarov give an excellent performance. The choreography is charming but manages to also show off their skills as skaters.

With Pokresnetva dressed in a knee-length blue dress and Makarov in a simple white shirt and pants, the duo receives some words of encouragement from their coach Ilya Averbukh before taking the “stage.”

Source: Screencap via Ледниковый Период/YouTube

As the pair skates off to center ice hand-in-hand, the lights dim and each child lies down on their backs as if they were watching clouds in a field.

Source: Screencap via Ледниковый Период/YouTube

The music begins and Makarov plants a tiny kiss on his partner before the two begin their ice dance.

Their effortless-looking routine won them many fans that night as they glided and twirled around the ice.

Source: Screencap via Ледниковый Период/YouTube

Their movements were in perfect synch as the lyrics filled the auditorium as they twirled together like they’ve been doing it for decades.

Both kids are wildly talented, especially for their ages.

Source: Screencap via Ледниковый Период/YouTube

Despite being only 11, Marakov has the strength to execute dips with his partner and Pokrasneteva pulls them off flawlessly, looking like a princess in her flowing dress with blonde curls.

Source: Screencap via Ледниковый Период/YouTube

After a wonderful and technically sophisticated routine, the pair laid back down in the same spot to “look at the clouds” once again.

Source: Screencap via Ледниковый Период/YouTube

Judges Tatiana Tarasova, Natalia Bestemyanova, Anzhelika Krylova, Adeline Sotnikova, Alexei Mishin were conservative in their judging but complimented the pair on their performance.

Source: Screencap via Ледниковый Период/YouTube

While they didn’t win the competition, they were an audience favorite.

One commenter said:

“If there was a prize of audience sympathy, then it would definitely be your guys!!!!”

People from all over the world praised the performance.

“These two steal hearts. Like feathers gracefully caressing the ice! So sweet, polite, and talented! Pray we see them on the world stage in years to come.”

“I normally don’t watch doubles. The song ‘Hallelujah’ is my most favorite of all time. I’m really glad I watched this, it was beyond sweet! These two where just so awesome to watch, a lot of fun! They where just so perfect together.”

Fans are now hoping to see them at the next winter Olympics.

Be sure to scroll down below to see their moving performance.

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Source: Ледниковый Период via YouTube