With apologies to all of the other beautiful women out there with gorgeous hair, it’s the redheads that are truly unforgettable.

There are so many shades of red that there’s a right one for everyone – but it’s not a hair color every personality can pull off. You do need a little “spice.”

And spice is precisely what Penny got back after she traveled all the way from California to Minneapolis, Minnesota to see Christopher Hopkins at his “appearance studio” for a complete makeover.

Penny started out with some grown-in grey roots and some curls that weren’t doing much for her. But her smile is – and always will be – where it’s at.

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After a few hours of pampering, Penny was stunned:

“It’s like an angel came down from Heaven and said “what wish do you want?” – and there it is!”

So you know this is going to be a good one. And it’s been seen by over 1 million people since May!

Hopkins is a former dancer and on-air personality in the Minneapolis area but over the last decade has transformed himself into The Makeover Guy. He wrote a book on how women over 45 can revive their “look” and now specializes in helping both men and women over the age of 40 reinvent themselves.

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His YouTube videos are watched by millions and the transformations are often truly stunning. He has a knack for bringing out his client’s most beautiful features as well as reinvigorating their positive feelings towards their appearances – and their lives.

When Penny waltzed in for her makeover, she wasn’t happy with her hair.

But she does have a hilarious moment when she’s asked about her biggest fear. Her interviewer means her fear about the makeover but she responds that she’s most scared of ending up “pushing a grocery cart full of all [her] belongings when [she’s] 75 down the street in the rain.”

That’s a vivid and specific fear! But happily, nothing Hopkins could do would make her end up like that!

Source: Screenshot via MAKEOVERGUY/YouTube

She laughs are her misunderstanding. It turns out her greatest fear about the makeover is ending up looking like “a pinhead.”

OK then!

A few seconds later we get to see the “new” Penny and WOW does she look different – and not at all like a pinhead!

Her curly hair has been cut, but not drastically. Now those spiral curls are beautiful big waves that are styled away from her face.

The graying hair at the top of her head has been blended back in with her new auburn locks. Since her hair already had a strawberry tint, no doubt Hopkins knew she could pull off the color.

Source: Screenshot via MAKEOVERGUY/YouTube

In fact, there’s even a bit of rose gold coming through in there – nothing too “trendy” but it gives her a shade of red that’s just spectacular.

“I’ve always wanted this color hair,” she exclaims, tossing her locks with jaw still dropped in shock.

The thing the commenters noticed the most about the “after” look were Penny’s eyes. We couldn’t have told you what color they were before the makeover but now the makeup and hair bring out a dynamic steely blue gaze that’s had been hidden all this time.

Even for those who feel Hopkins might have gone a little too heavy on the bronzer can recognize that it’s brought Penny a sunnier look (and she does live out in California after all!).

“Look at me! It’s a dream come true,” says Penny as Hopkins shows her just how much movement she had in those wild and wonderful new curls.

Hopkins is in the background gleaming with pride.

Source: Screenshot via MAKEOVERGUY/YouTube

The key to that haircut, he says, is the shaping at the bottom and a lot of interior layers. It’s the perfect curly-haired look!

“WOW – just WOW!!! She looks amazing after her make-over. The color sets off her eyes and she looks 20 years younger and just so stunning. Love this makeover!!!” was a common refrain in the comments.

And, most importantly, it’s exactly what Penny has always wanted.

It’s a must-see transformation – so be sure to scroll down below to see Penny after her makeover!

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Source: MAKEOVERGUY via YouTubeMakeover Guy Appearance Studios