You know things are going to be good when someone walks in for a makeover with hair down to their knees. Will there be crying? How drastic will the cut be?

We bet Christopher Hopkins and his team were drooling over the prospect of getting some scissors on Nancy’s hair when she walked into The Makeover Guy’s “appearance studio” in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2016.

Source: Screencap via MAKEOVERGUY/YouTube

You may have heard of Hopkins and his alter ego before – he’s famous for giving fresh new looks to men and women over 45 who fly in from all around the country for his services.

But his goal isn’t to change people for the sake of drama. He’s an expert at bringing out their best features and setting them on the road to renewed self-esteem.

Hopkins called Nancy “a charm” in his caption on her YouTube makeover video. And he was all too happy to help her let go of what was weighing her down:

“Ready to let go of what is really too weighty and heavy and oppressive, VERY LONG THICK HAIR, and lift herself up. Kelly went red. Kami went simple with the makeup. I took the bulk out of the back and showed Nancy how to add fullness around the face.”

We are SO ready to watch this go down!

Source: Screencap via MAKEOVERGUY/YouTube

Nancy’s hair was more of a prop than anything at this point in her life – she was able to make an easy Cousin Itt or a wacky Pippy Longstocking costume out of it, but not much else.

When Hopkins went in for the initial cut, Nancy was very brave – in fact, Nancy looked relieved to have the weight gone.

Source: Screencap via MAKEOVERGUY/YouTube

And her stylist was happy to use her now-severed ponytail as a prop for their lighthearted banter.

What is that? 3 feet of hair?

Source: Screencap via MAKEOVERGUY/YouTube

After a cut that would her give both volume and movement, Hopkins passed her off to the rest of the makeover team.

Nancy got a beautiful red hair color next – not too bright but just enough to give her a whole new look.

Source: Screencap via MAKEOVERGUY/YouTube

Hopkins’ mom Joanne is the style consultant who gave us all some great advice when she said to add detail to the most flatting parts of your body to draw attention to them. (And, likewise, don’t put details where you don’t want people to look.)

Source: Screencap via MAKEOVERGUY/YouTube

Next up is makeup and Nancy’s body language has already changed significantly – and for the better – since that hair has been chopped off.

Kami, the makeup artist, goes pretty subtle on the colors but does even out Nancy’s skin tone with some good foundation and powder to create a flawless canvas.

Some eyeliner and subtle blush are what stand out most in the understated look and a soft pink lip is just enough to keep her looking low key with her now-red hair.

Source: Screencap via MAKEOVERGUY/YouTube

The final product is phenomenal after she gets a blowout and some loose waves from Hopkins – and commenters agree:

“This was beyond my expectations too. What a gorgeous head of hair. Love, love the length and color is perfect for her.. And the makeup is wonderful too! She’s going to be smiling in her sleep!”

Be sure to scroll down below to see Nancy after her makeover!

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Source: MAKEOVERGUY via YouTube