If someone said that you were their only hope of rescue, would you be able to save them? This cashier doesn’t have to wonder.

Cashiers meet hundreds of people every single day. Thanks to this, most of them become pretty intuitive.

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They can tell when a couple is quarreling. They can tell when someone is dreading a big decision. And just sometimes, they can tell when someone is in desperate need of help.

Kim is a cashier who is also a hero. She works in a supermarket named Busan in South Korea.

Normally, her job is unexciting. But one day, she had to act fast to save someone’s life.

A group of strange men walked into Kim’s supermarket. With them was a scared-looking young woman.

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Kim kept her eyes on the group. The men started looking down one of the aisles, and the girl made eye contact with Kim. Kim was now dead certain that the girl was in danger. The look of desperation in the girl’s eyes was just too harrowing.

So Kim beckoned the girl to come over to her. The girl picked up an item and reached Kim. With the item, the girl quickly slipped over a note to Kim.

Kim looked at the note and was shocked at what she read.

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In three different languages, the note asked whoever was reading to call the police. It also said that she was being held against her will on the fourth floor of the building.

Kim whispered to the g;irl if she wanted her to call the police right away. The girl shook her head and pointed to the men. The message was clear: not with them around.

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Then Kim had an idea. She asked the girl for her phone number, pretending it was for the store’s reward system. So the girl gave out the number, and Kim wrote it down.

Then the girl hurried back to the group of men before they became suspicious.

As soon as the men left the store, Kim called the police. She explained the situation, and the police responded immediately. The officers traced the phone number that the girl had given Kim. The police were soon able to identify it as the number of a man named Lee, whom the police already suspected of human trafficking. Thanks to this piece of evidence, the police had enough information to get a warrant to raid his building.

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When the police forced open Lee’s door, they discovered the truth. Inside was a human trafficking/prostitution operation, which Lee had named “The Kiss Room.”

Inside, there were five women being held against their will, one of which was the girl that Kim had met in the store. The trafficking ring had kept the women in this room for months, forcing them to do terrible things.

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Pretty soon, the women were taken to the police station and returned to their families. The girl from the supermarket had been trafficked from Thailand, and she was desperate to get back home.

Over 300 men have been implicated in the crime, either as human traffickers or visitors to the brothel.

The women were only able to be rescued because of Kim’s quick thinking. If she had not been able to take down the number from the girl, she and the others may never have been rescued.

This just shows that we all have a duty to be on the lookout for wrongdoing.

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